Communicating what we know about the mind and the brain to the public. Spreading information to improve health and well-being.

Founded by Vojtech Pisl:

  • Communications: communication & procedures in corporate Genpact and fin-tech start-up Zonky. Seeking win-to-win solutions for those not willing or able to pay their debts.
  • Media: Covering science & psychology in pop-sci and leisure magazines, mainstream newspapers, corporate promotional magazines, medical blogs. Analyses, reviews, field research, interviews, editorial plans: from recalculating results of questionable studies and interviewing stars of the neuroscience of 21st century to visiting children in the middle of mine fields asking how they feel about the war. Promoting public understanding of mental health, disease, treatment and prevention.
  • Education: MSc in neuropsychology (Faculty of psychology and neuroscience, Maastricht University, Netherlands); BA in psychology and media science (Faculty of Social Sciences, Masaryk University, Czech Republic). Learning about brains and minds.

Concerning clinical businesses, our services are intended for licensed professionals and evidence-based products. In exchange for your evidence, you receive genuine enthusiasm for supporting providers of true treatments.