…to complete a month-long project in educating the public and students about psychology – and to see whether we might make it a business in the future.

  • Wanna talk in a MOOC? There are popular and important psychological topics not covered on platforms like Undemy or Skillshare. Would you be interested in changing it? I have two courses outlined, on basics of psychology for environmentalists and biases in how media present psychology – and together, we might develop one of them into a full-scale course. And even more: a theatre play, a stand-up comedy or a detective story to make them more entertaining. How about lecturing with some bodypainting on our faces?
  • Wanna help fellow students learning statistics with a funny chatbot? There are crowds of people waiting for some entertaining and patient person to explain them how to calculate what needs to be calculated in stats exams and research studies. But such a person does not need to be a human after all: how about a chatbot full of funny examples and eternal patience? I have some rudimentary chapters – and together, we might develop them into a working (I mean talking) expert covering the introductory statistics and methodology courses for psychology students. You can see the example on Facebook, sending a message to the Robot Teaching Statistics.

Does it sound worth a month of your life? One month is exactly what we need to write and record the video courses or to produce a working version of the chatbot. Once finished, we may grab a beer and decide whether and how to continue: while creating an online course is fun and a nice line for your CV, making it popular and profitable requires further work on updates and promotion. If we match, you are welcome to become a part of this endeavors.

Curious about more details?

Why do I need you? These two projects beyond my current scope. Even as a freelancer, I have other work to get done to have my bills paid and I lack the motivation and concentration needed for developing a new thing fully by myself. Moreover, being a neuropsychologist by education, I would like to reduce the scope of my media / freelance work and start getting clinical experiences in the near future. Long story short, I want some fresh blood to get things started – and then we can see whether we call it a day or keep developing our product into a profitable business.

Who am I? A young psychologist currently making his living writing for popular media about the brain and the mind. It took me quite a few years to graduate, I was working in finance, healthcare, media and governmental research in the meantime, gathered some experience – and now I am enjoying working on projects I was dreaming about for all those years.

What do I expect from you? First, genuine enthusiasm. Second, being smart, curious and interested in presenting psychology to the public. Background in academic psychology, multimedia and online marketing and/or micro-entrepreneurship would be nice – but the ability to learn new things is much more important than knowing them in advance. Personally, you should be independent and ready to get half of the things done while I am working on the other half.

What can I offer to you? Experience with building an online course out of scratch and your signature under a cool project. A half – or another proportional part – of whatever we accomplish together: the difference we make is also your difference, the profit we make is also your profit. Of course, if you might be interested in psychology and/or freelance work in the world of media, some my experience might be beneficial, too – and in case you need a reference, you can be sure that I won’t let you down.

Financially: We might be profitable in the long-term, but that would only come with additional “real work” besides having fun producing cool videos and statistical puns for the robot. And although I hope that we might enjoy continuing to this point, till then I offer no compensation. As a colleague of mine, you can only expect blood, toil, tears and sweat, using your own computer, spending your savings to keep yourself alive and dreaming about brighter future.

Practicalities are always to be solved ad hoc. I expect us to work for a month intensively – but for sake of work-life balance, I suggest some AirBnB place in a nice and cheap European country with access to a good coffee and some mountains or seaside (I need those to occasionally stretch my back after work) – like some smaller towns around Prague or Budapest, the Croatian coast or some Alpine village, also depending on future travel restrictions.

Interested? Send me some basic information about you to info@neurocommunications.eu, together with answers to three simple questions: why would you like to join me? And why should I like you to join me? And finally, do you have anything else scheduled for July and August?