Thought-provoking, educational (yet easy to follow) and amusing at the same time. These are qualities which are fairly hard to find in today’s content but somehow he manages to pull this off every single time. If you are looking for a writer who produces a fine work which enriches and challenges its readers continuously, Vojtech is your guy.

Andrea, Co-founder & CEO at ImpromptMe.

His articles are always erudite as well as easily understandable and interesting for the average reader. Vojtech comes up with original perspectives and based on his unique points of view, he presents seemingly common topics in unexpected ways. He employs both scientific background and readable, magazine style. His work always includes careful research and overview of resources, which is specifically appreciated by our clients flooded by all the superficial internet contents. He keeps bringing new topics and delivers his work even before deadlines. Given the chaos accompanying building start-ups, we strongly appreciate both.

Viola, editor at Creative Dock.

Vojtech Pisl has translated several titles about neuropsychology for our publishing house. He always tries not just to translate but to give comments on difficult parts of the texts. He also regularly interviews the authors he translates and publishes the interviews in Czech internet media. Vojtech seems responsible and active in our collaboration.

Ondrej Fafejta, editor at Portal, leading Czech publisher of psychological literature.

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